MOND is a small boutique hotel on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The four-room hotel overlooks the rough rocks, palm trees and the ocean. The concrete structure was designed by the Swiss architects Abraha & Achermann and built by locals. The clean lines are complemented by tropical elements and materials.

The branding system refers to similar values - the clear typography, is complemented with tropical textures, an extended colour world and photographs.

In addition to the identity, objects and spaces were also designed. The own shop and some rooms were equipped with specially designed shelving systems made of local ratan, ceramic clothes hangers can be found in the bathrooms and the inner courtyard was covered with a huge fabric specially dyed from classic batik and wax-painting.

The signage was also made locally from ceramic by Jessica Fernando and attached to the exposed concrete walls.


Hosts: Jessica Fernando & Renato Kümin

Architecture by Abraha & Achermann

Photgraphy by Ryan Wijayaratne